Firstly, thank you so much for popping along to my online store. My names Jodi Minney-Miller. Born & raised Circus artist from the UK. 

Minney-Miller Costume Designs was created straight from the heart. Growing up on the road, my Mumma made ALL the beautiful costumes for our Family Show – Jay Millers Circus. My 2 sisters, who also perform, & I, always got to wear the most glamorous outfits. 

That being said, at just 7 years old, my performing career began giving me first hand that “new costume feel”. Nothing beats it! Surrounded by glitz & glam 24/7…it’s definitely in my blood! 

Since travelling the world with my circus acts, performing in many different productions, I feel my skills and experience bring NEW, FRESH + EXCITING designs to the world of performing arts. 

I always knew I wanted to create outfits for all you incredible performers out there. Feeling your total BEST onstage is top priority. Who doesn’t want to stand out from the crowd? Diamonds are a girls best friend, right!? 

A lot of my outfits aren’t “mass produced”.  In fact, only a handful of each designs are sold worldwide each year. Keeping them unique and elusive. 

Fancy a limited edition, one of a kind piece? That’s custom to you? Then, drop me an email…I’m all ears!